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Modular Home FAQ

What is the difference between a modular and a stick or site built home?

Absolutely nothing, they both are built to the state codes, in fact the modular homes are built stronger with special adhesives used so the modular sections can be transported on the high ways to the construction sites fully intact.

What is the cost per square foot of the modular homes?

Generally our homes will cost between, $95 to $140 per square foot, depending upon the size of the home, whether it is a one or two story style home and the amount of on-site work involved and the amenities that are ordered with the home.

Is there any zoning against modular homes?

None. If you have an approved building site and meet the local building requirements, such as setbacks, side yard distances, water, septic systems, etc., then you can build a modular home.

Do modular homes depreciate in value?

No, in fact all modular customers pick up instant equity in their projects since they are buying the home below the normal construction cost. The modular home is considered real property, therefore you don't pay a sales tax on it and the home will be worth the same value as other homes according to its' size, style, amenities and location.

What is the difference between a modular home and a mobile home?

A modular home is built to the state building codes, where the mobile homes are built to the less restrictive H.U.D. codes. They both are transported in pre-built sections on the highways. This is the only similarity between mobile and modular homes. Modular homes are then crained off their steel frames, places on foundations and become real property.

What kinds of loans are available for your homes?

We offer construction loans to purchase land, develop the property, purchase the home and then the completion of the project. Once the project is complete and the local building inspector of that town issues a certificate of occupancy, your construction loan is converted into a 30-year mortgage. We have a variety of finance programs available and we tailor them to our customers' needs and budgets.

Do you offer compete turnkey packages?

Yes, we can do as little or as much of the project as our customers want. We have land search programs, complete site development, wells, septic systems, foundations, drive-ways, ect. We even offer extras such as garages, steps, decks, basement stairs and porches.

Can we customize your floor plans?

Yes, we offer many floor plans to chose from and you can add doors, windows, skylights, fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs, glamour kitchen and baths, etc. We design a lot of custom floor plans that have never been built before.

Will I save money by building a modular home opposed to stick building one?

Due to the manufacturing process, mass purchasing power, and mass production techniques, the cost of the modular home is far less than that of building a house the conventional stick built way. Our customers also save monies on their construction loans due to the shorter time it takes to start and complete their projects. Modular homes are constantly using the latest technology available, along with their state-of the-art production lines, to build an affordable and energy efficient home. This proves to be a winning combination and is a smart way to build a new home!